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One master case (12 individual units)


Natural Remedy for UTI Treatment in Dogs and Cats

NaturPet Urinary Care is an all-natural, non-prescription, drug-free oral herbal remedy and urinary antiseptic. It helps to stop bleeding and relieve pain, soothes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the urinary tract, reduces bacterial levels and flushes out toxins and wastes, reduces the risk of recurrence when used as a preventative. NaturPet Urinary Care also prevents the development of gravel and stones.

  • Treats infections effectively and quickly.
  • Lowers bacterial levels while flushing out toxins and wastes.
  • Relieves inflammation of the urinary tract’s mucous membranes.
  • Aids in the cessation of bleeding and the relief of pain.
  • Aids in the prevention of the formation of gravel and stones.
  • When used as a preventative, it lowers the risk of recurrence.


Administer orally. Select dose based on your pet’s weight. Place dose directly onto pet’s food or into mouth. Give twice daily. Shake well.


Weight 0-25 lb 26-50 lb 51-75 lb 75 lb+
Dose 1 ml 2 ml 3 ml 4 ml


Not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing young. Unless directed by a veterinarian: do not use in animals receiving other drugs; not for long term use. Do not use in pregnant or lactating animals. May cause atopy in dogs. Do not use in animals with bile duct obstruction unless directed by a veterinarian. Do not use in animals with kidney disease.

About the Active Ingredients

Dandelion Leaf is a potassium sparing diuretic that does not over-stimulate the kidneys. This action helps to flush the kidneys and urinary tract. Wild Carrot aerial parts work to break down urinary gravel that can come together to form stones or crystals in the bladder. Echinacea is antimicrobial, working to directly kill bacteria like an antibiotic, It is also a powerful immune modulator to prime the body to defend itself. Marshmallow root is very soothing to soft tissues and helps to reduce bacteria levels. Ginger root is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antispasmodic while helping to stimulate circulation of healing herbal compounds through the body. Couch Grass is a gentle diuretic that is especially useful in instances of intense burning and can be used for easing the passing of kidney stones. Boswellia contains mucilage to sooth irritated tissue and supports immune health through modulation. Horsetail helps to remove uric acid buildup and promotes renal function.

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Additional Details

15.24 (cm)
15.24 (cm)
20.32 (cm)
Suitable for:
Cats and dogs
Product Type:
Herbal Extract
Active ingredients:
Echinacea, Dandelion, Carrot, Couch grass, Marshmallow root, Horsetail, Ginger root, Boswellia.
Inactive ingredients:
Alcohol, Cornsilk, Glycerin, Purified water.


8 Reviews

  • 5
    Fixed UTIs and urine crystals

    Published by Sherri C on 2nd Dec 2021

    One of my pups and my senior cat are prone to UTIs and urine crystals. Since I have been giving them this supplement they both have been doing well without any urinary issues. Highly recommend

  • 5
    Amazing for UTIs

    Published by Morgan S on 15th Nov 2021

    We adopted a female dog prone to UTIs. She was getting them every two weeks- we tried multiple kinds of antibiotics in which either didn't work or she was allergic to them. We tried this as our last resort and she's officially been UTI free for four months! I can't thank you guys enough

  • 5
    Worked after three doses

    Published by Denise on 15th Jul 2021

    My kitty stopped peeing in the litter box which she had never done before. Blood and urine analysis test results at the vet clinic came back as normal, no clue why this was happening. I turned to energy healing and looked for a natural product to help her. Decided to try this one and just after 3 doses, she is peeing back in the litter box and we are all ssooo happy!!

  • 5
    Only product to help my cat's bladder problems

    Published by Brittany on 20th May 2020

    I use Nature Pet's urinary care drops for my male cat that is prone to the very common bladder infections that affect so many male cats. He has been on specialty foods and schedule since 1 years old but nothing prevented the infections until this product. First time using the product it actually assisted in cleaning out his blockage and prevented a trip to the vet to get him cathatered and flushed and drugged with muscle relaxers and antibiotics as I had needed to do nearly anually since his birth until finding this product. I kept his privates well washed and assisted him with urinating a few times by pressing on his bladder as vets had previously trained me to do and gave him a dose of drops with watered down wet food 3-4 times a day and by the next day he was almost his old self and peeing fine showing very little appearance of an infection anymore and even playing a little. I was amazed! Recovery after a vet emergency apt always took weeks no matter how early I noticed. I have pet valu to thank for recommending and stocking the product. I have been giving him the drops once or twice a week now for almost 3 years and he has never been sick again. He doesnt love taking the drops but he doesnt dislike them enough to resist either so theyre an easy part of our regime now. Crazy how a product that costs only $40 a year could save me thousands of dollars in vet bills and so much grief and stress and pain for my poor little boy. So happy I found this product. Wish more vets would recommend it instead of their insanely costly and damaging harsh prescriptions. Hopefully with enough great reviews they will and the word will get out to more people and help more pets.

  • 5
    Fast recovery

    Published by Maggie H on 30th Apr 2020

    All I can say is AMAZING! 5 days and our cat is almost back to normal! I am so happy we didn't have to traumatize him with a trip to the vet! He peed on our black bath mat and I noticed the breakdown of the crystals!

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