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One master case (12 individual units)


Milk Thistle for Liver Health in Cats and Dogs

A healthy liver is important to a healthy life. NaturPet Liver Care is a complete cleanse for your pet’s liver and toxic build-up.
It helps prevent illness and disease by flushing toxins from the liver and improving liver function. This effective formulation of all natural ingredients has been recommended by Vets for pets on NSAID or steroidal medications.

  • Helps pets with reoccurring or chronic liver conditions and inflammation
  • Flushes toxins out of the liver to improve liver function
  • Increases energy and vitality in dogs and cats
  • Safe to use long term for chronic conditions
  • Helps restore cellular health in damaged tissues


Administer orally. Select dose based on pet’s weight. Place dose directly into pet’s mouth or mix with food. Give twice daily.


Weight 0-25 lb 26-50 lb 51-75 lb 75 lb+
Dose 1 ml 2 ml 3 ml 4 ml


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About the Active Ingredients

Milk Thistle seeds Pets can be exposed to a variety of toxins within their environment from chemicals. The constituent silymarin, the most active flavonoid complex found in milk thistle, not only protects the cells of the liver by blocking entrance of harmful toxins and damaging environmental pollutants, but also removes these toxins from liver cells. This action has been verified by hundreds of research papers from around the world. Silymarin also has the astonishing property of being able to regenerate liver cells that have been damaged by hepatitis or other liver diseases, or by chemical or biological pollutants; it reduces fibrosis associated with these conditions.

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Additional Details

15.24 (cm)
15.24 (cm)
20.32 (cm)
Active Ingredients:
Milk thistle
Inactive Ingredients:
Distilled water, ethyl alcohol, glycerin
Suitable for:
Cats and dogs
Product Type:
Herbal Extract
100 ml / 3.3 fl. oz.


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