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One master case (12 individual units)


How to Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas – Naturally

Fleeze is an all-natural powder that can be used to repel and kill ticks and fleas on cats, as well as being completely safe for dogs. Sprinkle this powder either directly on your pet’s fur, or in their bedding or litter box. Our natural formula can also be used in your home – sprinkle this powder into your furniture or onto rugs to repel and kill ticks and fleas around the house.

  • Protect your pets from ticks and fleas
  • Free of essential oils
  • Treat your cat or dog
  • Non-toxic to cats or dogs

Only available for American consumers and shipment to American addresses.


Fur Maintenance: Sprinkle throughout fur, avoiding eyes and mouth. Brush coat thoroughly 2-5 times weekly and reapply.
Bedding Maintenance: Sprinkle on pet bedding, carpet, and furniture while taking care that you and your pet do not inhale product. Vacuum pet’s bedding twice a week and reapply. First application should be left for 3 days before vacuuming.
Litter Box Maintenance: Sprinkle in litter box to neutralize odours.


Use a moisturizing or soap-free shampoo when using Fleeze as this product can be drying to skin. You may notice deceased bugs and small pests where Fleeze has been sprinkled. While fatal to small insects, this product is 100% non-toxic to humans and pets as it only attacks the exoskeleton of small insects, thereby causing insect death.

About the Active Ingredients

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is made from the chalky white powder left behind by diatoms (a type of algae). It is often used as a pest deterrent for pets internally and externally. Internally it is used as a de-wormer, externally it can be used for fleas and ticks. It acts as a desiccant to the target insect, inducing a state of dryness. Neem Powder has been used in many cultures to fight parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria. It is effective on domestic animals to combat ticks, fleas, mites and other skin parasites. Yarrow Powder is often used in natural flea powders as it is excellent for soothing the skin and can help provide relief from the itching and inflammation caused by flea bites.

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15.24 (cm)
15.24 (cm)
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Suitable for:
Cats and dogs
60 g / 2 oz.
Product Type:
Topical Powder
Diatomaceous Earth, Azadirachta indica, Yarrow Powder


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