What exactly is MSM?

What exactly is MSM?

23rd Feb 2022

Methylsulfonylmethane, also known as MSM or Organic Sulfur, is a sulphur compound that occurs naturally in soil, plants, and animals. In addition, it is the third most abundant mineral in humans. 

Organic sulphur strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, alleviates allergic reactions, and repairs the body. It is frequently used to treat arthritis as well as tissue and joint repair. Recent research has discovered that it has anti-aging and longevity properties.

Why include it in your pet's diet?

Skin and Collagen Benefits

MSM aids in the formation of collagen. Collagen is found in muscles, bones, ligaments, skin, blood vessels, and even the digestive tract. 

This protein is responsible for the strength of the skin and aids in the formation of new skin cells. Collagen loss is characterised by dry, cracked skin, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

Organic sulphur stimulates collagen production and significantly improves the skin and nails.

Improves Joint Flexibility

MSM is required for strong, flexible connective tissue. It aids in the repair of joint cartilage and relieves arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions. 

Organic sulphur can repair cartilage and increase collagen production. It is an excellent supplement for preventing further damage and even aids in the repair, strengthening, and lubrication of damaged joints.

It's an important anti-oxidant

Sulfur is a component of one of the most important antioxidants in the body. It is an antioxidant that aids in the protection of the body against free radicals. It is the primary antioxidant for liver health and aids the liver in detoxifying the body of toxins.

Contains anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties

Organic Sulfur is an analgesic, which means it inhibits the transmission of pain signals. It has the ability to reduce or eliminate muscle soreness, stiffness, cramping, and inflammation. 

Before a race, jockeys will give MSM to their racehorses to reduce sore muscles and cramps.

Overall Health

Diet also plays an important role in maintaining joint health. 

Examine the vitamin and mineral content of the pet food you feed your pets. If at all possible, switch your pets to a more natural food rich in vitamins and minerals. Here are guidelines for dog nutrition and guidelines for cat nutrition. 

Another important aspect of pet health is exercise. Assist your pet in developing muscle around joints to better protect them in the future. Some breeds are more prone to joint problems and may develop them later in life.

Our Dr. Maggie Joint Formula has been reformulated to include MSM, and the results have greatly improved; we see results after only 3-4 weeks of use! It works in conjunction with the other ingredients in Dr. Maggie Joint Formula to keep joints functional.

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