Protect your pet's paws year-round

Protect your pet's paws year-round

7th Mar 2022

It's just like with our skin: if we don't moisturize and protect it, it tends to get dry and cracked.

Our dog’s paws are protected by a layer of thicker skin that is more resilient to cuts and scrapes than our bare feet. But just like our skin, a dog’s paws will tend to dry out and crack if not properly moisturized and protected.

That's where Paw Protector comes in!

Paw Protector helps heal cracked pads in the winter months when your pup is spending more time outside, but it can also be used during these summer months too! While dry paws are more of a problem for dogs during the cold months of winter, they still need to be moisturized and protected during the hot sunny days of summer. The sun alone can cause damage to your pup’s paws, so don't let them go unprotected.

What does Paw Protector help with?

Allergen and toxin protection: 

Seasonal allergens such as pollen, moulds, and dust can all cause irritation to the paw pads, increasing the likelihood of excessive licking and hot spots.

Toxins and chemicals can be absorbed by dogs through the skin of their pads, just as they are absorbed by humans.

A physical topical barrier can reduce the amount of toxins absorbed into the body.

Protection from physical damage

Paw Protector's balance of moisturising, healing, and protecting ingredients helps to fortify our dogs' paws against physical damage.

Jojoba oil and shea butter help to prevent cracking, while petrolatum and beeswax act as a physical barrier against the elements such as snow, sand, ice, and rock.

Proactive protection for active dogs

Paw Protector helps to strengthen paws against damage from overuse. Whether your dog is a show dog, hunting dog, service dog or just your best friend, Paw Protector will help keep the pads of their feet in good condition for whatever activity they enjoy.

Paw Protector also provides protection from hot pavement and sand, as well as snow, ice, salt, and rough terrain such as gravel and jagged rocks.

How to provide best protection

Moisturize the paw pads a couple of times per week to keep the skin hydrated. This aids in the prevention of cracking and bleeding. Applying a product that acts as a barrier rather than being completely absorbed into the skin before going outside will also aid in paw protection. Because it hardens in the cold, beeswax is ideal for the winter. Petrolatum acts as a barrier, preventing water and oxygen from entering the skin. Petrolatum also protects the skin from moisture loss, preventing it from drying out.

Paw Protector shields the paws and skin by forming a physical barrier that keeps water, oxygen, and chemicals out while also healing and moisturising. When used on a regular basis, it can help to reduce the likelihood of dry, cracked pads. Apply before going on walks or hikes for added protection!

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